PCL Moot Court on the legal implications of AI

PCL Moot Court on the legal implications of AI

ICSID and Xi’an Jiaotong University co-hosted a conference celebrating
ICSID’s 50th Anniversary entitled “ICSID at 50: The Evolution of
International Investment Treaties and Dispute Resolution”. The
conference was held in Xi’an, People’s Republic of China on November 26,
2015 and brought together counsel, arbitrators, academics, government
officials and private sector participants from around the world.

University of London shortlisted for education ‘Oscars’ by THE


A University of London Undergraduate Laws grant supported Pakistan
College of Law’s 6th Annual National Moot Court Competition, reports
Amna Riaz.

The conference was opened with remarks by officials from Shaanxi
Province, the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China,
the Supreme Court of the People’s Republic of China and ICSID.

The University of London has been shortlisted for the International
Impact Award at the 2018 Times Higher Education Awards, known as the
‘Oscars’ for higher education. The University is one of six entrants
shortlisted in this category.

2012.9-2015.6   Tianjin University of Commerce   Applied English  
 Master’s Degree

Written by Amna Riaz | 14 Feb 2019

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Written by Binda Rai | 10 Sep 2018

2008.9-2012.6      Southwest University        Business English  
 Bachelor’s Degree

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Prof. Wenhua Shan, Xi’an Jiaotong University School of Law (MC); Mr.
Dong An, the Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Shaanxi
Provincial People’s Congress and Former President of the High People’s
Court of Shaanxi Province; Mr. Maizeng Zhang, the Secretary of the CPC
Committee of Xi’an Jiaotong University and Deputy Director of the
Standing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress; Ms. Meg
Kinnear, the Secretary-General of ICSID; Ms. Yongjie Li, the Deputy
Director-General of MOFCOM and Ms. Hongyu Shen, Judge at the Supreme
People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China.

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2008.9-2012.6        Southwest University        Finance     Second
Bachelor’s Degree

As a major contributor towards legal education and skills development of
law aspirants, Pakistan College of Law conducted its 6th Annual National
Moot Court Competition on 25-26 January 2019, sponsored by the
University of London Undergraduate Laws Grant Fund.

The program consisted of five sessions featuring distinguished experts
in international investment law discussing contemporary issues and the
Asia Pacific regional perspective. Each of these sessions can be viewed

PCL Moot Court on the legal implications of AI。The University’s entry, for its distance and flexible learning
programmes, faced stiff national competition from universities and
colleges within the UK, in the initial round of shortlisting.


Each year, a specific area of law is selected in creating the moot
problem provided to participating teams in an attempt to broaden their
knowledge and understanding of different areas of law.

PCL Moot Court on the legal implications of AI。Session 1: Evolution of International Investment Treaty Law

The shortlisting is in recognition of the strong impact of the
University of London’s academic programmes and their power to change
people’s lives, through its reach to 50,000 students in more than 180
countries through 100+ study programmes. The University of London’s
entry was based around the theme of freedom – freedom from injustice and
freedom from disease.

2013.8—2014.2 Danfoss (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.     HR(ER) Intern

This year’s event witnessed an astounding number of 18 country-wide
institutions with spirited participation in the simulated moot court
competition. With teams from Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Malakand, Dir
and Hyderabad, we were particularly proud of the pioneering
participation of the team from Shaheed Bhutto University, Dir. This team
noted that the two-day event at Pakistan College of Law taught them more
about law, legal representation and argument development than their
undergraduate study has been able to do. This remark from the team
reaffirmed our trust in the utility of conducting simulated moot court
events and related activities associated with effective drafting.

Prof. Wenhua Shan and Ms. Geraldine R. Fischer moderated the first
session, which provided a foundation for the day’s dialogues. During
this session, Dr. Stanimir Alexandrov, Prof. Gabriel Bottini, Mr. Nils
Eliasson, Prof. Dr. August Reinisch, Dr. Mavluda Sattorova, and Prof.
Albert Jan van den Berg described how ICSID tribunals have interpreted
critical international investment law notions, such as the definition of
investment, corporate nationality, expropriation, fair and equitable
treatment, the most-favored-nation clause and exceptions.

Two programmes were cited as examples of a truly life changing impact
made across the world by the University of London’s distance and
flexible learning programmes. First, the impact of the University of
London Undergraduate Laws programme’s partnership with the African
Prisons Project , empowering 63 prisoners with the knowledge to navigate
their legal proceedings during 2016-17. One such prisoner, who enrolled
on the University’s LLB programme, successfully campaigned to abolish
the death sentence in Uganda following their release, and provided legal
counsel to other inmates who were subsequently freed. She said: ‘Seeing
the lives of these inmates gradually change for the better increased my
energy to do more, in anticipation of one day, having and living in a
harmonious and transformed society.’

Responsibilities:Dealing with work injury issues; updating and filing
laws and regulations information about human resources; settling
HR-related orders for reimbursement in the SAP system; translation
works; assisting the preparation and organization of EPS survey. During
the Intern period, the weekly updated laws and regulations help my
colleagues have timely knowledge of relevant policies; five cases of
work injury are completed with my assistance; the annual EPS is
conducted orderly; weekly reimbursement is handled promptly.

The two-day competition, focusing on a specially created fact sheet,
challenged the participants to showcase their understanding of the legal
implications of the use of Artificial Intelligence and the connection
with violations of Convention Rights, particularly the right to privacy.

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In addition, the University of London’s partnership with the APP enabled
life-changing education to be made freely available amongst African
prisoners, addressing their high illiteracy rates, significant
re-incarceration rates and severe overcrowding.

2013.10       6th East Asian Games          Language Volunteer

"PCL is thankful for the support of the University of London
Undergraduate Laws Grant Funding Programme towards making the Moot Court
Competition a

Prof. Wenhua Shan, Xi’an Jiaotong University School of Law (moderator);
Ms. Geraldine R. Fischer, ICSID (moderator); Dr. Stanimir Alexandrov,
Sidley Austin LLP (speaker); Mr. Nils Eliasson, Shearman & Sterling LLP
(speaker) ;and Prof. Dr. August Reinisch, University of Vienna

Another example of the impact of the University’s Undergraduate Laws
programme extends across the world, where women suffering from domestic
violence have also used the LLB programme to free themselves and others
from life-destroying trauma.

Responsibilities:In charge of translating the documents and files
before and during the competition(in swimming and diving venue);
interpreting for foreign coaches.

The final round was judged by an esteemed panel consisting of renowned
lawyers as well as academics, Mr Salman Akram Raja (Advocate of the
Supreme Court of Pakistan), Mr Alessandro Chieregato (Deputy Director,
Pakistan Center of Legal Research and Publication), Mr Ibrahim Haroon
(Advocate High Court), and Mr Zeeshaan Zafar Hashmi (Advocate High Court
and PCL Lecturer).

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Secondly, knowledge also has transformative implications for people’s
health, and University of London alumni have played an instrumental role
in freeing people from disease.

2012.10—2013.1Yong Le English Home        Tutor

Mr Salman Akram Raja, who was delighted to judge the final round,
appreciated the participation of the teams and encouraged students to
continue taking part in such competitions.

Dr. Mavluda Sattorova, University of Liverpool (speaker); Prof. Gabriel
Bottini, University of Buenos Aires (speaker); and Prof. Albert Jan van
den Berg, Hanotiau & van den Berg (speaker).

A Zimbabwean Masters graduate has worked on paediatric HIV trials,
including the ZENITH trial in Harare, which aimed to reduce virulence
and supress HIV in children. This trial, led by researchers at the
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine , a member institution of
the University of London and world-renowned for its research in public
and global health, ultimately improved outcomes for more than 150
children with HIV. Through their work, such graduates are paving the way
for advanced drug technology and equitable delivery, which in turn gives
children infected with HIV an improved chance of a healthier life.

Responsibilities: Teaching English to children aged 3-13 with
situational teaching method; interacting with them by speaking and sign
language; assisting the marketing function to promote the courses;
assisting with the administrative work.

The 6th PCL National Moot Court Competition was won by Lahore University
of Management Sciences, with Indus College of Law, Hyderabad, the
runner-up. The winner’s and runner-up trophies were presented by our
Guest of Honour, Mr Saad Wasim (University of London Regional Advisor,
South Asia), Mr Salman Akram Raja, Professor Tasneem Kausar (Principal,
Pakistan College of Law) and Professor Humayoun Ihsan (Dean, Pakistan
College of Law).

Session 2: International Investment Treaties and Asia Pacific

Dr Mary Stiasny OBE, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), University of
London, said:

Personal Skills

Pakistan College of Law is thankful for the support of the University of
London Undergraduate Laws Grant Funding Programme towards making the 6th
Annual National Pakistan College of Law Moot Court Competition a
success. We are also thankful to Mr Saad Wasim for encouraging us to
conduct an International Moot Court Competition next year and look
forward to doing so.

Mr. Jingzhou Tao and Dr. Xiaochun Liu facilitated the second session
discussions amongst the regional experts. In this session, the
panelists, Ms. Yongjie Li, Professor Tomoko Ishikawa, Prof. Jean Ho,
Prof. Leon Trakman and Professor Hi-Taek Shin, provided an overview of
the Chinese, Japanese, Singaporean, Australian and Korean perspectives
on bilateral and regional investment treaties.

The University of London, through its graduates, changes the lives of
millions of people globally through sharing knowledge, which
ultimately opens the door to freedom on so many levels for the
citizens of the world.

I am delighted that we have been shortlisted for such a prestigious
award by experts in the sector, and what this does is provide an
endorsement for our mission, which is to provide access to quality
higher education across the world, as we have done since 1858.

Furthermore, I want to congratulate the member institutions of the
University of London, with whom we work to deliver academic awards to
50,000 students in all regions of the world, along with 1.4 million
learners enrolled on our MOOCs. Our member institutions, including all
those who contribute to the Undergraduate Laws programme, and LSHTM,
each bring their expertise to help deliver excellence in academia for
students across the world.


  • Amna Riaz Ali holds an LLB degree from the University of London. She
    has served as a Law Clerk at the Supreme Court of Pakistan and as a
    Lecturer and Mooting Coordinator at Pakistan College of Law.

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Note: The University of London’s Undergraduate Laws programme is
delivered with academic direction from Birkbeck; King’s College London;
London School of Economics and Political Science; Queen Mary University
of London; School of Oriental and African Studies and University College

Computer:Office Automation Software like word, excel, ppt, outlook etc.

Mr. Jingzhou Tao, Dechert LLP (moderator); Ms. Yongjie Li, Deputy
Director General, Ministry of Commerce People’s Republic of China
(MOFCOM) (speaker); Prof. Jean Ho, National University of Singapore
(speaker); and Dr. Xiaochun Liu, President, Shenzhen Court of
International Arbitration (SCIA) (moderator).

The winners of the THE Awards will be announced on Thursday 29
November in London.


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For further information contact:

2014.10: Outstanding Graduate; National Scholarship

Professor Hi-Taek Shin, Seoul National University School of Law
(speaker); Professor Tomoko Ishikawa, University of Tsukuba, Japan
(speaker); and Prof. Leon Trakman, University of Sydney (speaker).

Binda Rai: Head of External Relations, Media and PR (Worldwide)
cabet266亚洲城,University of London
Email: Binda.rai@london.ac.uk
Mobile: 07920 476 483
Landline: 0207 862 8545

2013.12: First Prize for the “Tianjin Graduates Innovative Thesis Forum”

Session 3: The Role of State-Owned Enterprises in Investment Arbitration

About the University of London

2013: Second Prize of University Scholarship

The third session on State-owned enterprises (SOEs) in investment
arbitration was moderated by Ms. Teresa Cheng and Ms. Lu Wang. The
panelists, Prof. Mark Feldman, Ms. Daphne Hong and Mr. Mark Mangan,
highlighted how arbitral awards have dealt with SOEs acting as a
claimant/investor in investor-State disputes and when SOE conduct can be
attributed to the State. The panelists also discussed how SOEs have been
dealt with in recent treaty practice.

The University of London was established in 1836 by Royal Charter. It is
made up of 18 independent member institutions and nine research
institutes. These institutions, including the LSE, UCL, King’s College
London and the London Business School are recognised globally as world
leaders in higher education.

2012.6: Outstanding Graduate

cabet266亚洲城 15cabet266亚洲城 16cabet266亚洲城 17cabet266亚洲城 18

The University of London is the world’s oldest provider of academic
awards through distance and flexible learning, dating back to 1858, when
the University of London was awarded a Royal Charter by Queen Victoria.

2010-2011: National Scholarship;Merit Student

Prof. Mark Feldman, Peking University School of Transnational Law
(speaker); Ms. Teresa Cheng, G.B.S., SC, J.P., Des Voeux Chambers
(moderator); Ms. Lu Wang, University of Liverpool and Xi’an Jiaotong
University (moderator); Ms. Daphne Hong, Attorney-General’s Chambers,
Singapore (speaker); and Mr. Mark Mangan, Dechert LLP (speaker).

In 1858 Charles Dickens described the University of London as ‘The
People’s University’ when its 1858 Royal Charter extended access to
degrees to those who could not come to London to study.

2009-2010: Third Prize of University Scholarship

Session 4: Procedural Innovations

150 years ago, in 1868, the University of London opened up ‘Special
Examinations for Women’. Ten years later, the University began offering
full degrees for women. In both instances, the University was the first
in the UK to do

2010: Excellence Award for the “New Oriental English Speech Competition
of Occupational Theme”; Third Prize for English Writing Competition
(school level)

The fourth session, moderated by Ms. Meg Kinnear and Mr. Hu Li,
considered procedural innovations in investor-State arbitration. The
panel, consisting of Dr. Alejandro Carballo, Ms. Mélida Hodgson, Prof.
Joongi Kim, Mr. Toby Landau, QC and Mr. Yu-Jin Tay, advanced views on
transparency, techniques to expedite cases, the role of amicus curiae
and the State in treaty interpretation, the use of mediation in ISDS
disputes and security for costs and cost awards.

Today, students of the University of London’s distance and flexible
learning programmes study from a suite of 100+ academic programmes, with
some taking the award through self-study or through support from local
teaching institutions.

2010: Starlight Award for “CCTV English Ability Competition” in
Chongqing District

cabet266亚洲城 19cabet266亚洲城 20

The University’s distance and flexible learning provision is the world’s
largest classroom, with 50,000 students worldwide, and over 1.4 million
learners on the Coursera online platform for MOOCs (Massive Open Online
Courses), bringing this global reach to 1.45 million people around the
world, covering more than 180 countries.

2008-2009:Merit Student

Mr. Yu-Jin Tay, DLA Piper (speaker); Mr. Hu Li, Deputy
Secretary-General, China International Economic and Trade Commission
(CIETAC) (moderator); Alejandro Carballo, Energy Charter Secretariat
(speaker); Ms. Mélida Hodgson, Foley Hoag LLP (speaker); Prof. Joongi
Kim, Yonsei Law School, Seoul, Korea (speaker); and Mr. Toby Landau, QC,
Essex Court Chambers (speaker).

The University of London currently has 21 single MOOC courses available
through Coursera, as well as three specialisations of five to six MOOCs
each. The University’s new online BSc in Computer Science is the first
undergraduate degree to be offered through Coursera. For more
information about the University of London’s online courses delivered
through Coursera, please visit: www.coursera.org/london

cabet266亚洲城 21cabet266亚洲城 22

Further information about the University of London is available at:

Prof. Joongi Kim, Yonsei Law School, Seoul, Korea (speaker); Ms. Meg
Kinnear, Secretary-General, ICSID (moderator); and Mr. Toby Landau, QC,
Essex Court Chambers (speaker).

Session 5: ISDS Reform upon the Decrees of Heaven?

The final session of the day, moderated by Ms. Meg Kinnear,
Secretary-General, ICSID, brought together Prof. Marc Bungenberg, Dr.
Tai-Heng Cheng, Ms. Anna Joubin-Bret, Prof. Catherine Rogers andDr. Leon
Trakman to explore suggested reforms to the investor-State dispute
settlement (ISDS) system. The speakers addressed the potential for a
standing investment tribunal or an appellate body; the use of alternate
dispute resolution in the international investment context; conflicts of
interest and arbitrator challenges and the effect of new participants,
such as regional economic integration organizations, on ISDS.

cabet266亚洲城 23cabet266亚洲城 24

Dr. Tai-Heng Cheng, Quinn, Emmanuel, Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP (speaker);
Ms. Anna Joubin-Bret, Cabinet d’Avocats (speaker); Prof. Catherine
Rogers, Pennsylvania State University, Dickinson School of Law
(speaker); Ms. Geraldine R. Fischer, ICSID, Prof. Leon Trakman,
University of Sydney (speaker); and Ms. Meg Kinnear, Secretary-General,
ICSID (Moderator).

cabet266亚洲城 25cabet266亚洲城 26

Prof. Marc Bungenberg, Saarland University (Speaker) and Prof. Dr.
August Reinisch, University of Vienna.

ICSID News Release December 23, 2015



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