A smile is the shortest distance between two people

By Jennifer  s, Health and Fitness Writer

 Once I asked my mother: “What’s of vital importance to a woman?” As a
Chinese traditional woman, she said: “A happy family and healthy
children and disposable income.” I believe such situation dialogue not
only happened in my family, but also in hundreds of thousands of
families. It’s not difficult to see, as women, that families play an
irreplaceable role in their leaves. In another words, women should be
companied with their families and children. However, several days before
some ideas have changed in my mind since learnt the text Nettles. And I
would like to make friend with nobody but the narrator.

My hall master told me I have very good smiles.

  Mark Twain once said,“The human race has one really effective
weapon, and that is laughter。”A smile willunconsciously pull short
distance between hearts, which is the charm of asmile. So never stop
smiling, even when you are sad, for someone might fall inlove with your

文都教育。Smiling happens without much thought. When you watch a friend do
something silly or embarrassing, you smirk. When a police officer lets
you off without a ticket, you grin. And when you are recognized for your
top performance in academics or  at work, you beam. Smiling is a very
natural response that shares our happiness with others.

    The narrator is very special in their time because of feminist
identity. She had strong independent spirit of personality, thus divorce
became the helpless but only choice to her because trivial marriage made
her just want to get rid of it. From this point I show my respect to her
for her bravo choice of pursuing deep down inside. However as a feminist
in their time what she paid is incomprehension by children,
unfulfifillable true love, and dwindling friendship. What happened to
her are the worst things I can imagine in life, and I don’t think I have
enough courage to face the same things happened to me. I would like to
make friend with the narrator not only for her personality, but also for
the reason that I want to company with her and become the one who she
could utter to and get worm from. Deep down, I feel distressed about the
narrator more than my respect. I don’t get it clear why she just wanted
to be herself but had to suffer a lot. And I would like to be the
spiritual pillar when she needed.

文都教育。well,I remenber when I was a child there was  a guy who said I looks
terrible when I smile.Thanks the god,things have changed after all this
years.Thouogh,I’m still not a beautiful girl,I have beautifui smiles
now,and that’s only because now I never smile because of the overflewing
happiness.When I smile ,I control it and nolonger let the thrill take me
too far.I know how many muscles you need to make a perfect smile and it
cost a lot of calorie.So I take it as soon as I could sure that noone
would notice.

  Undoubtedly, it issmile that keeps us continually shortening the
distance among people. When youfall down, a smile from others will bring
you the power to stand up. Besides, smileis a name card which will make
the people around you feel comfortable and pavethe way for you to make
good friends. When you feel disappointed with the lifeand get
heartbroken with the love, just smile, it’s a good medicine for yourhurt
soul. Were there no smile, never would we taste a happy and healthy

But did you know that smiling also triggers activity in your brain? Yep,
there’s a serious mind-body connection there, in your left frontal
cortex to be exact, which is – not surprisingly – the area of your brain
that registers happiness.

    When she felt upset and depressed and lonely because of divorce, I
would tell to her: “Don’t be worry about the days coming. Absolutely,
your future is full of possibility as long as you are sturdy enough. So
just go ahead, every day in the future you would achieve the ideal that
be yourself.”

There must be a lot of peaple just like me.My roommate has tons of
things to complain about.When she has those all night long video chat,I
tend to believe that she is the poorest person in the word while from
time to time she would stop and make some calls on her job.And she
smile.And the smile makes her voice so sweet that you will not beleive
she is still the same person having so misfortunes in her life.

  Consequently, fromwhat has been discussed above, it can be safely
concluded that a smile isbeneficial for us bridge gaps of social
interaction and sweep disorders ofhuman communication。

How often do you smile in a day? Do you smile when you meet new people?
When you see your friends? Around your co-workers? How about your
significant other? Your face has 44 muscles in it that allow you make
more than 5000 different types of expressions, many of which are smiles.
Read on for seven reasons why smiling is good for you, your health and
your social life!

When the accusation blew up in her girls: “Why can’t you just live at
home?” “Because she hates Dad.” I would whisper to her: “Please never
feel heartbroken and guilty to your girls. When they grew up, they could
admitted you were a such great mother to set them a good role model and
give them lots of courage to face life bravely. So please be proud of
yourself for you did what ordinary people dare not to.”

You see,this is the word which contains so many occasions where you will
have to smile.Smile when you are working of course.And as a teenager
without a job,I smile to one of the doorguards every time I meet
her.(Soon I got to feel releaf when I find she is not behind the
procenion.) to my classmates most of whom I have not haven a talk,to my
teachers to show that I could catch up saleswomen for I can’t speak
cantoones and need their extra patience.There are lots of girls who
don’t need to smile so much as I do.They have the ability to make
everything out,or they always have some people companying and preparing
to help.While I am always rely on the mercy from strangers.Therefor,I
need to smile, need to let others know I am trying to befriend them, to
show that I’have the damned metal health,to tell the wold I have well
prepared for all of the orpotunity he could provide.I hate it.And I keep
thinkking about the origin of the smile,the smile of a monkey (they do
take it as quicklly as I do).It’s not a romantic thing.

  1. Smiling can make you happy (even when you’re not).

  2. Smiling can make others happy.

  3. Smiling makes you more attractive.

  4. Smiling can help you de-stress.

  5. Smiling can help you land a job.

  6. Smiling can lead to laughter.

  7. Smiling just feels good.

When the true love Mike came in her life, unfortunately, this kind of
love just have its place but is not usable, I would utter to her: “It
doesn’t matter whether you two could be together or not, at least, you
are so lucky for meeting your true love already. You know not everyone
has such luck like you, even there are someone who in the marriage but
don’t touch the true love for just one day. And I do believe many people
admire you for your lucky.”

I will smile to myself when I am alone,when a wild flower blooms on the
road,when the moon is bright and the lonely star dazzles.I will smile
serenely and won‘t frown as I do after smile to someone else.Though I
live with people around and I can’t bloom as perfect as a little
flower.I won’t last as long as a star,and never be so innosent as an
ordinary sparrow.My soul does share the identity with all those blessed
creatures.I am sure about that and Ican recognize the itchy inside.

亚洲城ca88唯一官方网站,When the friendship between Sunny and the narrator became dwindling, I
would like to share my utterance with her: “High quality friendship is
not based on the frequent connection, and a real friend is not depended
on touching distance. In my opinion and standard, the real friend is the
ones who you remind of you feel warm and comfortable and couldn’t help
smiling, the ones who leave unforgettable memories in your life and you
just would like collect and cherish. So be happy you had such friend
like Sunny. And at the same time, forgive the reality that the gap came
up between you two. After all, everyone has their own view. At least she
companied with you when you needed just like the real sunshine to bright
and warm you.”

I have realized that smiling more in front of people means smiling less
behind them.Every day i smile to the mirrow after get changed.I really
care about what a girl others could see when they look at me.And i feel
inspirerate by my own smile.it seems as if i had spent all my eighteen
years in tne news network show.DAMNED

There is another reason for me to make friend with the narrator for
sometimes the narrator is like us. Our leaves are full of up and down,
and we always need the one who we could utter to and get worm from, so
be nice to others and be nice to ourselves. We should learn to make
friends with others, and make friend with ego as well. May there is
always an angel in the frustrated life, if not, may the angel is you.


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